Vitamin Supplementation for Increased Sexual Health

Vitamin deficiency of any kind has far reaching effects on your body health, including sexual appetite and libido.

And inversely, taking an optimal dosage of vitamins every day according to your age, health and body requirements has a positive impact on overall body fitness, and also enhances specific functions, such as increasing testosterone levels in men for increasing sexual performance, and so on.

So if you are looking to boost up your sexual desire and performance, then supplementing your daily diet with a healthy dose of certain important vitamins can bring you back in the game in tip top shape!

Nothing Boosts Sexual Health Better Than The Vitamin Bs

There are mainly seven types of Vitamin Bs. They are Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 and finally Vitamin B12. Together they are termed as the Vit B Complex, and all of them help to increase testosterone levels and thus increase libido!

Every one of the Vit B Complex is highly essential for regulation of the cardio vascular system and for boosting energy levels in the body.

In particular, Vit B6 has extreme importance in testosterone production and increasing sexual libido. Vit B12 also has a role to play, as it is involved in emotion response pathways and helps to increase sexual need.

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The Anti Oxidant Vitamin C

Vitaminc C helps to get rid of the free roaming radicals in the body. These radicals are unbonded chemical atoms that cause damage and oxidative stress in cells.

Oxidative stress reduces testosterone production and thus ensuring a healthy supplementation of Vitamin C increases your sexual health.

This vitamin is also naturally present richly in citrus fruits.

Vitamin E Deficiency Kills Sex Life

This vitamin is primarily involved in body tissue rehydration, increased blood circulation and mood regulation – all of which are essential for a good libido. Increasing vitamin E thus promotes sexual performance by allowing you to maintain your erection for longer, with the increased blood supply.

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These vitamins, and many more, all play crucial roles in increasing testosterone levels and promoting sexual health!