Tongkat Ali To Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally

Tongkat Ali, a herb that has been gaining much hype and popularity recently in naturally derived remedies to boost low testosterone levels and to acts as natural sex drive promoters and aphrodisiacs.

So what exactly is this supposedly magic herb and how does it promote the libido?

Tongkat Ali, scientifically known as E. longifolia, is a common flower producing herb which grows naturally in parts of Malay and Indonesian islands. This foliage herb can be traced back into hundreds of years of south asian cultural medicine, as a potential therapeutic to boost virility and sexual drive in men.

Tongkat Ali, more than even a testosterone booster, is primarily an herb to cure erectile dysfunction. This herb takes care of all erection related troubles – such as growing a considerable sized erection, maintaining arousal, staying hard for a longer time period and sexual stamina and performance.

It has aphrodisiac properties that greatly enhances libido in males, and acts even better than Viagra, while being all natural! Studies indicate that sperm health and ejaculate quality is also increased by regular consumption of this Tongkat Ali herb as part of the daily diet in low testosterone level males.

So how does Tongkat Ali increase testosterone levels in low testosterone males? Does it have testosterone boosting effect in normal males?

Read on to know more!

How Tongkat Ali Works

Extensive studies conducted on Tongkat ali as a potential natural therapeutic for testosterone boosting in makes has yielded widely successful positive results, especially in low testosterone level males.

All the studies conducted, irrespective of age, race or sexual history of males, routinely showed that, in all males suffering from a low testosterone production in the body, Tongkat Ali supplementation in their diet increased the testosterone production significantly!

In normal males – that is, males in whom the testosterone production levels are already normal and do not need any regulation – it was found that Tongkat Ali had no testosterone boosting effect what so ever. In these males, while their sex drive and sexual health showed a certain improvement, their actual blood testosterone remained more or less on the same spectrum.

These are very heartening results indeed in favor of Tongkat ali as an excellent food supplement for increasing testosterone levels in low testosterone males, naturally!

The results are positive because what can be inferred from them is that:

  1. Tongkat Ali as part of the daily diet, when consumed by patients suffering from a lowered testosterone production level in the body, this herb has a highly functional testosterone boosting effect, increase that male hormone concentration in blood significantly.
  2. However, in normal males, there is no significant change. This indicates that Tongkat Ali, if supplemented by mistake or taken for prolonged periods, has no side effects that can be detected.

Also, this leads to the conclusion that Tongkat Ali does not so much boost testosterone production in blood, as it regulates the entire testosterone production mechanisms and pathway, thus increasing testosterone levels in the body with great balance, by completely organic means!

What Are The Chief Components of Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is rich in many different nutrients and enzymes and proteins. It has active components which rigorously promote production and regulation of testosterone – such as Steroid hormone Saponin and Eury-comanone.

These two compounds found in abundance in Tongkat Ali are geared towards boosting and up- regulating the testosterone levels in individuals who are suffering from low testosterone level condition.

Further, Tongkat Ali also has erection sustaining and aphrodisiac compounds in it such as canthanin -6- metabolites and some other derivative compounds of the aromatic squalenic groups, all of which promote greater libido and sexual health.

The combination of all these metabolites and nutrients, not to mention the natural rich source of minerals and vitamins this plant is for consumption, makes this herb an amazing all natural aphrodisiac that can boost your sex life to optimal health and performance.

They gave half of their subjects a standardized hot-water extract of Tongkat Ali for the duration of 4 weeks, and the other half received a placebo.

Stress Relieving and Testosterone Boosting

Tongkat Ali does not just exert its influence on sexual health alone. It also has an impact in other body systems which are affected by, or which affect, the sexual systems.

As such, it also acts as a great stress relieving compound. Stress is one of the big reasons for erectile dysfunction and inability to maintain erection in the current health scenario.

With this property, not only does Tongkat Ali promote libido by boosting testosterone, but also by reducing anxiety and acting as a natural mood lifting compound.

Another chief use of Tongkat Ali is to increase semen quality and quantity in males.

Due to lack of sex drive, stress, anxiety, aging or low testosterone levels, semen quality and the number of viable sperms present in ejaculate are all reduced drastically. This, in the long term, may even lead to infertility and loss of virility.

As such, Tongkat Ali is used to treat such conditions. Studies have proven that apart from boosting testosterone, Tongkat Ali has a direct effect on sperm health and sperm count in the ejaculate produced. Through its many mechanisms, this herb increases the motility and virility of the sperms tremendously.

Tongkat Ali is not only an excellent, completely natural health supplement, but also has amazing effects in boosting testosterone levels and increasing libido in males!

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