The Sunshine Vitamin Helps to Regulate Body Testosterone

Optimal Testosterone Production depends on a variety of body nutrients. Many inorganic essential minerals such as zinc and magnesium are intricately involved in Testosterone production, as are a whole bunch of other vitamins and minerals.

All that said, studies repeatedly show a particularly good result with one particular vitamin – and it is the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’, Vitamin D!

Why Vitamin D Has Such a Huge Impact on Body Health

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins needed for proper functioning. With deeper analysis of its structure and functions, some argue that it is not so much a vitamin as a type of externally stimulated and self synthesized kind of steroid hormone – its effects are so far reaching!

Vitamin D regulates, primarily, skin health and bone density. Basically, this means that Vitamin D is one of the most important compounds for Calcium production.

Calcium is a compound that is intricately important for the production of a slew of steroid hormones – including testosterone.

Without Calcium, the signaling mechanisms within the body cells which are responsible for the production of testosterone will not function properly, or in some cases, stop working completely – leading to testosterone deficiency.

Vitamin D is thus extremely essential for Testosterone!

How Vitamin D Helps to Combat Low Testosterone

Studies prove that in men who have less Vitamin D in their systems also exhibit lower testosterone and an increased level of estrogen.

Also, in these same men, it can be seen that they all have higher body fat mass, lower body muscle mass, even in spite of semi regular exercising. Another common symptom seen in these men is lower bone density and more chances of brittleness of bones.

On a more psychological and emotional scale, they were also found to have greater depression than those with healthy testosterone levels and their sexual libido and health was much significantly lowered.

Now, the study was continued, with these same men being provided a regular mediated dosage of Vitamin D supplements every day. Their health was monitored and all the above factors of their lives – such as their body weight, height, muscle mass index, sexual health, etc. – were all kept account of.

It was found with incontrovertible proof in all the men that with an increase in Vitamin D, their testosterone levels also increased, and all the above mentioned problems in their health and way of life were also showing significant improvement!

This test showed with scientific accuracy that Vitamin D deficiency is also intricately linked to testosterone deficiency, and the latter can be combated and regulated by taking Vitamin D supplements in the diet!

How to Increase Vitamin D in The Body

Vitamin D is not called the Sunshine Vitamin for nothing!

When you exercise or take a stroll in the early morning sunshine, between dawn and about three to four hours after dawn, this is the optimal time for your body to absorb the sun rays to produce Vitamin D.

The skin contains pigments called melanin which are photo activated in the presence of morning sun light and go into production of Vitamin D.

Another common, all natural source of Vitamin D (especially Vitamin D3, which is particularly important for increasing testosterone), is milk. Milk also has the added advantage of containing high concentrations of calcium, making it an ideal and extremely vital food item that absolutely must be included in any diet targeted at increasing testosterone levels.

So make it a routine habit to drink a glass of warm milk every morning followed by a good run in the morning sunlight, to increase your testosterone levels naturally with Vitamin D!

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