The Right Foods That Increase Your Testosterone

Libido or sex drive is essential for leading a good quality of life both mentally and physically, and in males especially, libido is very dependent on one particular hormone – testosterone.

In order to increase your body’s sex drive and stamina, and to sustain an erection for long enough, you need to be producing a good level of testosterone. And in order to produce enough testosterone you need to eat the correct foods and also work out enough to keep your body fit.

For the correct diet, you need to eat foods that are rich in testosterone boosting nutrients; that is – many essential vitamins and minerals all of which are important to increase the testosterone production mechanism and also to boost up your libido. Some of these all important vitamins and minerals are detailed below!

The Entire Vitamin Alphabet Sheet is Important For Your Testosterone Levels

We have many different vitamin groups in our body that are obtained from our diet and are also very important.

For testosterone production, it is not any one vitamin that is important. Rather, a whole set of and groups of vitamins are needed in good quantities in the body to ensure optimal testosterone production.

To start with, let us look at Vitamin A, found in all the colorful foods such as carrots and mangoes, which is very important for testosterone signaling.

Another is the entire B set of Vitamins, in particular B 12 and B 6, both of which are highly needed for good testosterone levels.

But that doesn’t mean the rest aren’t as important. Every vitamin needs to be included in good amounts to maintain testosterone levels in the body!

Compounds That Promote the TCA or Citric Acid Cycle

Minerals and compounds like Folic Acid or Citrulline salts, which boost the TCA metabolic pathway, are greatly beneficial to increase testosterone production!

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