Taking a Regular Dose of Vitamin D To Boost Testosterone

High testosterone production is dependent upon many of the body’s nutrients.

Many inorganic essential minerals such as zinc and magnesium are intimately involved in Testosterone production, as are the majority of other vitamins and nutrients in the body.

Everything said, studies show a very good result with just one particular vitamin – and in fact, it is the ‘Sunrays Vitamin’, Vitamin D!

Why Vitamin D has a huge influence on testosterone

Vitamin D is probably the most important vitamin necessary for proper functioning. With deeper examination of its structure and features, some say that it is not as much a vitamin as a form of easily induced and personally synthesized sort of steroid hormone – its effects can be so broad!

Vitamin D regulates, primarily, epidermis and bone thickness. Basically, this means that Vitamin D is probably the most important compound for Calcium production.

Calcium is an element that is necessary for production of causing steroid hormones to be made – including testosterone.

When there is no calcium, the signaling cascade within the body cells that needs to happen for testosterone to be produced simply does not happen! And this shuts down a lot of vital process thus leading to testosterone deficiency. Vitamin D is thus imperative for Testosterone!

How Vitamin D makes it possible to fight low testosterone

Many studies support the fact that you need the D vitamin in order to make more testosterone and less estrogen especially in men.

So vitamin D is not only needed for efficient body metabolism but also has a role to play in your sexual health and performance.

One common physical problem seen in men with low testosterone is the accumulation of fat. This is actually a direct consequence that is also a side effect of Vitamin D deficient men, and increasing vitamin D has in many cases been effective to help treat such men.

Also, there’s a reason why the saying goes that sunshine makes the day better.

The D vitamin is also important on a psyche and emotional level, with less depression and increased sexual interest found in men producing enough vitamin D and testosterone.

Studies conducted on many volunteer patients with regular vitamin D supplements showed one unanimous result – in every single man, over a period of month of giving optimal doses of vitamin D every single day, they started producing more testosterone and in some cases the men also lost their excess body weight and became more fit physically and mentally.

Tips to boost up your body Vitamin D and testosterone!

A free source of the D Vitamin is just a nice walk in the early morning pale sunshine. The slanting early morning rays are a rich source of the light wave length that is required by the photo sensitive melanin pigments in your skin to start manufacturing Vitamin D.

And it is as simple as that! Just making it a habit to go for an early morning jog every single day in the dawn sunlight can do wonders for boosting up your vitamin D levels, and consequently your testosterone levels.

When it comes to food, milk and egg yolk are very rich sources of this sun vitamin. So making it a habit to go for a good run every morning in the dawn light, then eating a healthy breakfast of milk, bread and eggs is truly a recipe for success.

Not only will you be soaking up important nutrients, but you will also exercise – boosting up your testosterone naturally!

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