Symptoms and Side Effects of Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels naturally decrease with higher ages. As you grow older, your testosterone production is naturally down- regulated by your body in response to the aging.

Testosterone production is at its peak in the puberty years and continues to be actively rigorous till about 30 to 35 years of age in men. After this age period, the testosterone level develops a gradual decline, though no actual impact of this will be really felt till the individual is in his early 50s.

A study has shown that the rate at which testosterone drops in man after the age of 30 years old is at a rate of about one percent every year! This means that, by the time you hit 50 years of age, your testosterone levels are down by nearly 20 percent!

But this is all perfectly natural. So what does Low Testosterone mean? And how does it affect the male body?

Read on to know more!

What Happens in Low Testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for a number of primary health activities in the male body. Testosterone regulates libido in men, and how long they are able to sustain arousal. It is also important for sperm production and health of the sperms.

Apart from the reproductive health, testosterone is also highly essential for building up body muscles, and to gain strength. It helps to strengthen and regulate the density of the bones and also helps in faster fat burning in males.

With such a wide spread impact of testosterone in the body, low levels of testosterone can significantly impact the quality of living of the male.

Common Symptoms Seen During Low Testosterone Levels

While self diagnosis is an absolute wrong thing to do, knowing some idea of the common impacts seen in people suffering from Low Testosterone can guide you into keeping a watch for a drop in your testosterone levels.

The biggest problem seen in men who are suffering from a steep drop in their body testosterone levels and production is affected sexual health.

Low Testosterone and Lowering of Sexual Health

As seen above, testosterone plays a very significant role in gaining and maintaining erections and also in overall sexual health such as sperm health, sperm motility, quantity of sperm production, etc.

So low testosterone men find a significant loss or impact in their ability to gain and maintain erections and are also afflicted by severe reduction in sexual desire and sexual hormones.

Further, as sperm quantity and health is also affected, fertility problems may occur and in cases of chronically low testosterone production, even male infertility may occur.

So if you are experiencing sex related performance problems and suspect infertility, it is best to go in for a testosterone check up to ensure that the levels are normal.

Low Testosterone Affects Your Physique

Testosterone has an impact on the body metabolism. So when you have low testosterone, you will find yourself increasing in body fat due to slowing of fat burning and fat is not evenly distributed, resulting in ‘flabbiness’.

Another consequence of low testosterone on the physique is inability to gain good muscle mass and also loss of strength of bones and muscles, leading to frequent fatigue and weakness. Also, men with low testosterone levels may notice that their chest, especially the male breast, tissues are becoming swollen and tender and painful.

Other effects of low testosterone levels include severe sleep apnea – a dangerous type of snoring where you stop breathing repeatedly for several seconds in the middle of sleep.

While none of these above symptoms are conclusive in and of themselves, and may be due to other conditions (such as a thyroid condition), if you show two or more of the above, do test your testosterone levels to ensure they are optimal!

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