Selenium and Folic Acid For Excellent Sexual Health

With innovative new supplements being developed every day for boosting your libido and enhancing sexual health and performance, what are some of the newest and most effective, all natural supplements?

Folic acid and Selenium are the newer nutrients on the block, and are already gaining much momentum for their amazing sex drive boosting and testosterone increasing activity.

So do they live up to their hype and produce the desired results to give you a better endurance and performance in sex? Read on to know more!

Folic Acid and Why it is an Excellent Sexual Health Supplement

Folic acid supplement is very important for reproductive health. Folic acid is a vitamin involved in many chief body energetic pathways and is a key ingredient for pregnancy and sperm health.

If you are experiencing troubles in sexual health due to low testosterone levels or less virility, Folic acid supplements are very important to remedy these troubles and regulate you to peak form.

Doctors prescribe folic acid supplements to couples trying to achieve pregnancy and for males having trouble with low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and lack of virility.

In all the above, folic acid is an excellent cure.

Cereals, beets, sunflower oils, all sorts of nuts and leafy greens and lettuce are all rich sources of natural folic acid.

Selenium is an Effective Sperm Health Booster

Selenium is a very important mineral for sperm health and for attaining a healthy sized erection and maintaining it.

This mineral is not naturally synthesized by the body and needs to be eaten in adequate quantities for optimal male sexual regulation. Selenium is essential for optimal functioning of testes.

Food items which are rich in selenium naturally are sea foods like salmon, oyster meats, shrimps, from other types of meat like beef, lamb chops, in mushrooms, wheat and barley. Selenium is richly available in onions.

Try including folic acid and selenium rich foods in your diet to improve your sexual health!

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