Scientifically Proven Testosterone Boosters

The fact that optimal production of important sexual hormones such as testosterone is intricately linked to the exact diet you eat is not surprising.

Just like any other system, the sexual systems also need regular stimulating and maintenance by the right kind of diet, rich in all the nutrients that can get testosterone levels to regulate or increase.

Eating foods rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, B complex, E and D is extremely vital for optimal sexual performance and to maintain a regulated healthy level of testosterone in the body. Minerals such as Zn and Mg are also absolutely essential for boosting testosterone levels in the body and ensuring the best sexual health.

While there are the usual healthy food item component that boost testosterone levels – such as Zinc and Magnesium present in many nuts and vegetables, many other supplements which also have the same or similar mechanism of action are also present abundantly in nature.

New such aphrodisiac and libido boosting compounds are unearthed every day and being incorporated into medicine to be marketed as testosterone boosting all natural commercial products. This is because all such components have the desired effect with no known adverse reactions.

Read on to know more about some of the other alternatives to the regular diet, which have excellent testosterone boosting activity.

Arginine as a Testosterone Booster

Arginine is not an essential amino acid. This means that it can and is synthesized already by natural means in the body and is an intrinsic and important amino acid that takes part in many of the metabolic mechanisms.

This arginine compound gets converted into nitric oxide by the body, and nitric oxide is a great anti stress and anti oxidant amino acid. Nitric oxide increases vascular flow – that is, there is more blood travelling towards the reproductive parts during arousal.

Due to also the de- stressing activity of NO and increase in nitric oxide within the body due to consumption of arginine, both factors contribute to increase the longevity and good health, with building up of body testosterone and increase in erection stamina

Choline Boosts Testosterone Levels to High

Libido or sexual desire are highly linked to how the nervous system works in the human body.

In humans, one of the chief neuro transmitter chemicals is acetyl choline, or choline to give its colloquial name. The uses of acetyl choline are vast and varied within the body, with literally every single neuron that is firing always having acetyl choline being secreted in order to pass on the messages known as ‘impulse’.

So how exactly does a neuro transmitter protein have impact on the sexual health of a person and in testosterone boosting?

In order to attain a healthy sized erection and to sustain the mood of sexual relations for a longer period of time, choline supplements are ideal.

Due to choline supplements, the nervous system is also directly exerting control over the stamina and maintenance of an erection. Due to this type of neural control, the sperm quality and quantity are also increased, as well acting as an excellent testosterone booster!

Phenyl Alanine and Dopamine For Increasing Testosterone

Phenyl alanine has a deep anti depressant activity. It also has soothing activity. Unlike the commercially buyable types of anti depressants, which just make the patient feel numb and detached, phenyl alanine actually handles the prevention of depression effectively.

Dopamine is also another neural transmitter chemical that is intricately effective in regulating emotions and happiness cycles. The dopamine precursor compound is associated with sexual interest and sex drive, and is a predominant hormone present during arousal and maintaining of erection.

Taking regular supplements of Phenyl alanine and dopamine precursors not only promotes the overall mood and keeps you feeling clear headed and happy, but also promotes increased testosterone production and acts wonders on your sex drive and sexual health!

Super Miraforte an Excellent Libido Booster!

Super Miraforte is an artificial synthesized supplement aimed solely at increasing testosterone and effecting a sustainable better sex drive and erection in males.

Super miraforte has estrogen blocking and testosterone promoting domains. It also helps to promote body building and muscle mass accumulation with its highly promoted testosterone up- regulation.

This synthetic supplement contains estrogen blockers and testosterone inducers. The Estrogen blocker down- regulates the amount of estrogen produced in the male body – there by getting rid of side problems such as male softness (fat deposition in female curve regions such as hips, breasts, thighs, etc), more virility and vitality in males and a higher testosterone production.

The higher testosterone not only enhances muscle building and strength gain. It also is an enormous libido booster, breathing life back into a faltering sex life.

This dietary supplement eliminates all sorts of sexual health related problems such as low testosterone levels, inability to attain an erection, inability to sustain an erection and low quantity of semen.

With the high boost in testosterone levels and the direct action on blocking estrogen competitively, there by offering testosterone more receptors to bind to, the super mira forte is a very effective supplement indeed to increase your testosterone levels and boost up your libido!

Another recent buzz in dietary foods that can boost the body testosterone production is the Green Oats. Within the body, testosterone either exists bound to another carrier protein, or in free floating form.

Sometimes, if there is no target, the testosterone attached to carrier is degraded. However, including a healthy amount of Green oats in diet improves the quantity of freely available, floating testosterone in the body, increasing testosterone levels organically!

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