Naturally Increase Your Libido With Testosterone Production

In today’s hectic lifestyle, due to inability to concentrate on the health and lifestyle habits, many of us are facing a number of potential deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, irrespective of our socio economic background.

A healthy diet is essential to maintain a good hormonal system and enjoy optimal health and sexual pleasure. If your diet contains all the vitamins and minerals for the production of sex hormones and critical-control, checkpoint hormones of the libido, then you are good to go!

However, if your diet is such that it lacks any of the vital sexual health related nutrients, then it leads to a downward spiral of frustration and conflict in a relationship, and a lot of stress.

Here are some of the most important vitamins and minerals for sexual health and hormonal support to increase the libido of a person suffering from low testosterone production!

Vitamins Are Important For Sex Hormones

Almost all vitamins are essential to regulate the reproductive and sexual cycle for men and also women.

Vitamins are also closely linked to sperm health, sperm production and the type of muscles you build and sexual performance, and even to promote more masculinity in men!

Vitamins are therefore very important and as a rule, improve the natural sexual health. So ensuring that you have plenty of vitamins in your daily diet is of optimal importance for testosterone boosting.

But some particular vitamin groups are especially effective as testosterone promoters. Read on to know which ones and why!

The Whole Vitamin B Complex Highly Effective To Increase Testosterone Levels

Vitamin B complex, containing a variety of vitamins, is one of the richest dietary sources for effective libido boosting, that has the ability to increase the production of male testosterone levels! It directly acts on the receptors in the brain, stimulating testosterone manufacture.

There are seven different B vitamins, some of which are more particularly relevant and important in the sexual health and increase of testosterone levels than others.

Firstly, Vitamin B3, which is very important in the energy cycle in the body – in particular for those acts that burn a lot of energy, such as sexual activity. It also improves circulation and blood flow to the genitals, the promotion of a larger and better erection and quantity of semen which is a marker of good virility.

Another important one among the B vitamin groups for testosterone production are the B6 nutrients. It is important for the regulation of estrogen and testosterone, and increases the production of red blood cells, which promotes a better flow of circulation.

The effect is also supported by the hormone serotonin – called the happiness hormone – where Vitamin B6 has a significant impact on increasing its production. Thus, the B6 vitamin increases libido naturally!

Last, but not least, is the vitamin B12. This largely essential nutrient is an essential vitamin for promoting the production of histamine. Histamine production is very important for proper release and effects an impact on sexual health through the nervous system.

In addition, vitamin B12 increases the production of testosterone and promotes lust and sexual pleasure.

Vitamin C Promotes Fertility and Virility

Vitamin C is important in the synthesis and production of the hormone cascade that is responsible for sexual desire, high fertility and increased erection and stamina.

This vitamin has shown a direct effect on the cycle of androgen, estrogen and progesterone in the human body, and to promote the oxidative environment in the body which has an anti-stress function. A good amount of vitamin C in your daily diet also promotes a healthy immune system and prevents infections and physical problems.

Magnesium Is The Most Vital Mineral

Magnesium is necessary for replication and regulation of your DNA. With such an intrinsic role at the basic genetic level, it is no wonder Mg is one of the most essential minerals.

In sexual health, magnesium promotes increase in libido and has similar action to aphrodisiacs. It increases libido and increases your body’s testosterone levels to better the erection length and sexual stamina.

Many natural foods are rich in magnesium. And this is a good thing as magnesium, like all minerals, is not synthesized in the body and can only be derived from the diet the body ingests.

Almost everything we eat is a rich source of Mg. Many essential oils and aphrodisiacs are rich in this all important mineral.

Another All Important Mineral – Zinc!

Zinc is an essential trace element. You are required to have zinc for the immune system to work at all. Zinc helps to destroy the unwanted enzymes that degrade testosterone in vivo. In addition to that, in order to construct many different proteins, it plays an important role in the enzymatic systems that aid in protein building.

As such, you require high levels of zinc to produce testosterone in enough quantities. Including a regular healthy zinc- rich diet is of optimal importance for best testosterone production.

So, ensure that you include enough of vitamins like B, D and C into your daily food diet, and also enough of the Mg and Zn trace element minerals, to boost testosterone in your body naturally. A diet rich in all these food nutrients can help boost your body testosterone and sexual health, without resorting to any unwanted artificial methods.

Thus, testosterone production isn’t as intimidating as it might seem for someone who has it low in their body. With the right diet and the right exercise regime, you can be cured of your low testosterone levels!


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