Magnesium, an Essential Mineral For Boosting Testosterone!

The compounds that have the most impact on testosterone levels are of two types of nutrients – vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins are compounds which are both synthesized by our body and are taken in directly or in pre cursor form in our diet. In other words, most vitamins can be manufactured by our body systems.

We just need to maintain a certain basic level of balanced nutritive health to still ensure we are not deficient in any important vitamin, as the body can synthesize most of the types.

Minerals, however, are compounds which are purely derived from external sources. They do not occur by synthesis in the body. That is, if you completely deprive an individual of a certain type of mineral, then they will be showing extremely restricted growth, or may even die, as their body cannot make that mineral for them.

An effective example to illustrate this would be the red blood cells. Iron is the primary component of these blood cells, which gives them the red color. If a person is completely deprived of iron, or are not eating enough iron in their diet, they will have severe blood thinning and blood insufficiency disorders.

With this, you can understand just how vital minerals are for the body and how important it is to ensure that they are taken in adequate quantities in the diet.

Read on to know more about why magnesium in particular is absolutely necessary for maintaining and regulating testosterone in the body, and how increasing testosterone in your diet can help to boost your testosterone levels!

First about Magnesium and its importance

Magnesium is one of the top ten most used and most available mineral in the human body. That said, this position of magnesium as an abundant compound comes primarily from the diet you eat.

This mineral plays a vital role in over three hundred different body functions and pathways and controls many different enzyme and hormonal systems.

This important use and position of Magnesium is because it is one of the most important body exchange ions. Ions are charged particles which cross through the cell membrane barrier to communicate and co ordinate cells to do their function. And magnesium, with a positive charge of 2, is one such extremely important ion.

Plus, magnesium is a co factor in DNA replication. Without a healthy quantity of magnesium present in the body, DNA itself will not undergo proper replication and thus cell cycle and new cell formation will be severely slowed down! This impairs rejuvenation and body oxidative stress reduction.

And the top importance of Magnesium comes from its impact on energy levels and energy regulation cycles.

Magnesium is a primary co factor in Adenosine Tri Phosphate production. This adenosine tri phosphate is the main source of energy in the body and is important for every single metabolic mechanism.

With all these vital roles under its belt, it is no wonder higher magnesium in your diet has a positive impact on your sexual health!

Magnesium as a Testosterone Booster

This essential mineral has a large impact on testosterone levels in the body. Along with another metal, zinc, these two inorganic compounds together play a chief role in regulation and maintenance of testosterone levels in the body.

When you are deficient in magnesium, the testosterone levels correspondingly takes a huge nose dive. Along with other body pathway impairments as well, there is also a lack of libido, inability to sustain an erection, lowered sex drive, low sperm count and loss of virility.

So naturally, a brilliant and effective way to combat low testosterone levels is to increase the magnesium concentration in your daily diet. It is found that juts increasing magnesium in your diet by just one gram can up regulate the testosterone in your body by over twenty percent!

Increasing your diet to be rich in magnesium if you are suffering from low testosterone production assures that just within a few weeks, your body produces more testosterone, with the accompanying positive effects on your sex life!

If you are experiencing sexual problems such as very low sex drive, not able to sustain an erection, premature ejaculation, low performance, etc., even if your testosterone levels are normal – in such cases as well, magnesium rich foods is essential!

Magnesium is an ingredient of the Spartagen XT supplement.

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium In Your Daily Diet?

A study shows that more than 50 percent of the people of the United States do not meet their body’s daily magnesium requirement in their diet.

Plus, magnesium is sweated out by our body – it is one of the chief salts present in body sweat! So if you are undergoing a rigorous workout routine, you need to be doubly certain that you are more than meeting the magnesium requirements for your body’s optimal functioning!

So what are some of the best foods to eat, which are rich in magnesium?

The most magnesium rich foods are green foods. Heavy green vegetables like broccoli and spinach, leafy greens such as artichokes, lettuce, all sorts of sprouts – Brussels sprouts in particular, baked and soy beans, nuts such as cashew nut, almond nut, ground nut, etc are all rich sources of magnesium.

Grains and cereals are generally not good sources of magnesium, however they do contain zinc components which also helps to boost testosterone levels in the body.

Ensure you are getting enough magnesium every day through your diet for increasing testosterone!