Inorganic Salts For Effective Testosterone and Sex Drive Boost

There are many proven natural and artificial supplements being taken every day, that people have already been trying and following for decades, which boosts the body testosterone production in the body.

However, with all the excellent leaps we have already made in self enhancement therapies and hormone modulating medicine, are there any new compounds and supplements which are very effective for testosterone boosting while also being safe, quick and easy to supplement?

Yes there is – meet the new trifecta of testosterone boosting inorganic supplements namely the Folic acids, the selenium salts and the citrulline salts!

These three – crystalline, tablet form or powdered food supplements – when taken with regular exercise and a good diet, can boost even the lowest of body testosterone levels to tremendous leaps!

Read on to know more about these newer and inorganic alternatives to the traditional vitamin A or B supplements, the minerals like Magnesium and Zinc and other natural herbs and roots – for effective testosterone boosting and increased sex drive and sexual performance!

The Folic Acid Effect on Testosterone and Sex Drive

Folic Acid Salts are highly involved in many important metabolic pathways of the body – in particular the Krebs Cycle pathways which are intricately linked with energy production and hormonal body maintenance.

You can find plenty of folic acids in all sorts of nuts and fruits naturally, but it occurs there in smaller quantities. Regularly supplementing a purely extracted folic acid tablet or powder in along with your daily diet helps to greatly boost your sex drive and also enhances the testosterone levels produced by the body!

Selenium and Citrulline for Sperm Virility

They are indirect enhancers of testosterone levels but highly effective. Regular dosages of Selenium salts and Citrulline pills help to boost testosterone and also enhances male sexual health and your libido!

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