Increase Magnesium In Diet For Increased Testosterone Levels

Compounds that have the most widespread impact on testosterone levels are of two types of nutrients – vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins, among these two compounds, are synthesized in the body and can also be taken in directly through our diet or can be absorbed in pre cursor shape, to be later metabolized and converted by the body.

In other words, most vitamins can be prepared by the organ systems when necessary. We just need to keep a certain basic level of healthy and balanced diet to ensure that we do not lack the building blocks necessary from optimal vitamin synthesis and maintenance.

However, minerals are only obtained in connection with other sources. They are not produced by synthesis in the body. This means that if you deprive a person of a certain type of mineral completely, then it will result in much reduced metabolism of some kind in that person, because the human body cannot produce this mineral for them!

To give an example to illustrate this is the loss of effective red blood cell functioning with Ferrous deprivation. Iron is the principal component of blood cells, making them red.   If a person is entirely malnourished or if you withdraw enough iron in the diet, it may lead to anticoagulants disorders and severe arterial problems.

With this, you can understand how minerals are essential for the body and how important it is to ensure that you take in sufficient amounts in the diet.

Read on to learn more about why Magnesium is absolutely necessary for optimal testosterone production in the body and how to maintain the magnesium in your diet!

Magnesium and How It Works To Boost Testosterone

Magnesium is one of the ten most commonly used and most abundant minerals in the human body. In other words, the source of the abundant supply of magnesium compound is mainly food and it needs to be present in our foods in large amounts!

This mineral plays a crucial role in the over three hundred different functions and signaling pathways of the organism and the control of many enzymes and hormone systems.

This important use of magnesium and the position of importance it holds are because it is involved intricately with ion exchange in the body state. The ions or charged particles, which are capable of communicating through the barrier of the cell membrane, are very important for hormone production mechanisms. And magnesium, with a positive charge of two protons, is one of the primary signal transduction molecules.

Furthermore, since magnesium is a cofactor in the DNA replication, without a good amount of magnesium in the body, the DNA itself will not undergo proper replication and thus cell cycle and cell renewal will be slowed! This affects the reduction of oxidative stress and rejuvenation of the body.

And the biggest reason Magnesium is vital in testosterone production is because of its effect on the ion levels and energy cycles as Energy Regulators.

Magnesium is a greatly neccessary factor in the production of adenosine tri phosphate complex. These adenosine tri phosphate complexes are the main source of energy in the body and are essential for the metabolic mechanism of the individual.

With all these vital roles to his credit, it’s no wonder more magnesium in the diet has a positive impact on your sexual health!

Magnesium As a Testosterone Booster

This essential mineral has a big impact on the testosterone levels in the body. In combination with another metal, namely zinc, these minerals both together play an important role in regulating and maintaining testosterone levels in the body.

If you are deficient in magnesium, testosterone levels will be crushed. There is also a lack of libido, inability to maintain an erection, decreased erection size, low sperm count and loss of masculine physique as a consequence of low Mg in the blood stream.

So of course, to fight low testosterone levels, you can start by increasing the magnesium concentration in the daily diet. It was found that more magnesium in your diet plans by just one gram can be converted to as much as a twenty percent bump in your testosterone levels!

If you have problems with sexual and very low sexual desire, unable to have an erection, premature ejaculation, poor performance, etc., even if your testosterone levels seem to be maintained normal – in these cases magnesium rich foods are needed!

Getting Enough Magnesium In Your Daily Diet?

A study shows that over 50 percent of the US population do not take in enough Mg in their daily diet. In addition, magnesium is excreted through our body by sweating – it is, in fact, one of the largest salts to be eliminated via sweat!

So if you have a consistent exercise routine, you should be absolutely certain that you include even more Mg than necessary in your diet, for optimal functioning of the body and boosted testosterone production!

What Are Some Of The Best Foods That Are Rich In Magnesium?

If you are looking for foods rich in magnesium – head over to the leafy greens! The greens and pure organic wholesale foods such as broccoli, cruciferous veggies, spinach, kale, artichokes, celery, etc. are all rich sources of Mg. It can also be found in rich quantities in sprouts.

And while grains and cereals are generally not good sources of magnesium, they do have high zinc components that also help to increase testosterone in the body. Make sure you include all the above in your diet every day to increase testosterone through what you eat!

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