Increase Body Testosterone Through Exercise for Better Living

Testosterone is the main hormone in the body to regulate metabolism, muscle mass, burn fat and enhance bone density. With such wide impact, it is not surprising that testosterone is linked to the exercises you do!

It is proven that a good workout may even increase the levels of testosterone produced in the body and allow low testosterone related problems to show a better prognosis!

So here we’ll see some of the best exercises to get your testosterone level rising and also to increase fitness and stamina in the body.

Running Is The Best Exercise

Race running, particularly in short, intense sprints, is the most effective and intense workout for your body to increase testosterone levels through exercise!

Sprints contain a highly intensive physical training, followed by short periods of reprieve, which is in turn followed by another intense work out that makes your body to push it to its ultimate limits and promotes testosterone production to combat the intense exercise.

Studies show that if your sprint running is short and intense – shall we say, six to eight seconds to walk very fast, followed by a light jog for a few minutes, then sprint for eight seconds to the fastest limit – and doing this in repeated cycles.

This type of Sprint has shown that testosterone levels increase greatly in the body, and not only during the running! The increase in testosterone levels brought about by this sort of short and intense track running helps to pile on the benefits of high testosterone, even for hours after the workout has been completed!

Weight Training and Strength Training Increase Testosterone

The second most effective exercise to increase testosterone is natural weight training and strength training.

Strength training for the entire body, such as forced push- ups, exerts deadweight exercise on your muscles as well as building it simultaneously – which helps to boost testosterone.

Exercises done to increase muscle building and muscle mass, if done in moderation, actually help in increasing your testosterone levels.

Strength training and high intensity lifting exercises, Olympic sports of any kind and the forced reps are important exercises included in their testosterone boosters.

If you are a beginner weight trainer and novice, or have never exercised much before, do not skip to full weight training in the beginning! Just start with exercises such as bar bells lifting and light training, and gradually make your way to the bench press and strictly exercised weight training.

The Recovery Cycle of Exercise Is Very Important

Alternating long and intense exercise training with a brief period of peace and tranquility is very important not only to increase testosterone levels, but also for the overall health and condition of the body.

It’s very tempting to simply let the flow of the workout to push your body through the entire routine without stopping. But this practice effectively reduces the goodness of your exercise routine for testosterone boosting!

It has been shown in many studies that to alternately doing an intense five to ten minutes workout routine followed by about one to two minutes of rest periods increases effectiveness of testosterone production in the body!

Avoid Excessive and Extreme Cardio Workout

Extreme cardio exercises such as intense cycling, tread mills and other marathon sessions stress the body out and leads to reducing the level of testosterone in the body.

So while cardio is very important to mix up with the routine bouts of physical training, especially for burning fat and reducing obesity, extreme cardio is not recommended for people who wish to raise testosterone levels through exercise.

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