Exercises To Increase Your Body Testosterone

Testosterone is the body hormone that helps regulate metabolism, muscle mass, fat burning and bone density.

With such wide spread impact, it is no wonder that the levels of testosterone is intricately linked to the exercises you do!

It is proven that a good exercise routine can increase even terminally low testosterone levels and put you back on the top, with a great body to boot!

Here are some of the best exercises to get your testosterone levels increasing and to increase your body fitness and physique as well.

The Best Exercise For Increasing Testosterone: Running

Running, especially in short and intense bursts of sprints, is the most effective and body intensive work out for increasing your testosterone levels through exercise!

Sprints involve a very high degree of intensive fitness training, followed by a period of rest, which is again followed by another intensive work out that puts your body through its paces.

Studies show that when you go sprinting in short, intense bursts of running – such as say, six to eight seconds of extremely fast running, followed by a mellow jog for a few minutes, and then another eight seconds of sprinting.

This type of sprinting has been shown to increase testosterone levels in the body tremendously, and not just while you are running! Short, intensive bursts of sprinting increase testosterone levels and leave your testosterone high for hours to follow!

Weight Training and Strength Training

The second most effective exercise for increasing testosterone levels naturally is weight training and strength training.

Full body weight training, such as forced reps, squatting exercises, dead- lifting, bench pressing and so on are all extremely good methods of increasing body testosterone.

Muscle building and muscle mass increase, when done in moderation, really boosts up your testosterone levels.

High intensity strength training such as Olympic dead- lifting, and weight lifting exercises are very essential to include in your testosterone boosting exercise routines.

If you are a novice to weight training or have never done much exercising before, do not skip over weight training completely! Start out simple, with exercises such as lifting bar bells and dumb bells training and gradually make your way up to bench presses and rigorous weight lifting exercises.

These are most effective exercises to increase testosterone in your body.

The Exercise-Recovery Cycle Is Very Important

Alternate long, intense bursts of exercising with a short period of rest and recovery. This is very important for not only increasing testosterone levels, but also for overall health and fitness of the body.

It is very tempting, once you get into the flow of your exercise, to keep pushing your body for the whole routine without any stops.

But this practice actually reduces the efficacy of your testosterone boosting exercise routine!

It is proven in many studies that alternating an intense five to ten minute work out routine for about a minute to two minutes of rest periods increases the efficiency of testosterone production in the body and leads to overall better increase in the long run!

Avoid Over Training and Extreme Cardio

While weight training and strength lifting increases testosterone, some extreme cardio exercises such as intense cycling, prolonged marathon runs on tread mills and other intensive cardio exercise, strangely, reduce testosterone levels in the body.

So, while cardio is extremely essential to include in any fitness workout routine, especially for fat burning and obesity reduction, extreme cardio is not advisable for those looking to increase testosterone levels through exercising.

With a well formulated exercise routine including a healthy amount of sprints and weight training and a light dash of cardio, is the key to increasing testosterone naturally through exercise!

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