Common Causes That Lead to Poor Libido in Men

A low sex drive can lead to many psychological, cultural and relationship problems, in both men and women. A low libido can be due to a number of causes and can be affected by a number of ways that do not even seem related to your sexual health.

The main hormone regulating libido in men is testosterone. It is the male sex hormone produced by the testicles and it is responsible for many of the secondary male body phenotypical characteristics as well.

Secondary male characteristics includes all the features that you associate with an attractive and healthy male body. Well defined musculature, strong bone density, strength in arms and legs, even fat distribution, overall body fitness, etc all are influenced to varying degrees by the testosterone levels in the body of males.

Similarly, a healthy libido is almost solely controlled by the testosterone hormone. Low levels of testosterone or improper production of testosterone due to negative feedback loop mechanisms or consumption of androgen inhibiting substances all ultimately results in a low libido and an unsatisfactory sexual life.

Some of the major and most frequent causes for this disruption in testosterone levels and low libido are discussed below!

Mind What You Eat

Like with any other body health regulation hormone, testosterone also requires the body to have a rich source of vitamins and minerals for healthy levels of production.

If your diet does not contain adequate amounts of the vital nutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and the enriching fats such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, fish oils, nut oils, etc. then it can all result in low testosterone production. And low testosterone in turn leads to a low libido.

If you have been skiving off meals in recent memory or been solely subsisting on junk food and unhealthy fatty foods, that may be the reason for your low libido.

Including plenty of zinc, magnesium and vitamin D rich foods in your diet, as well as anti oxidants such as flavonoids and fresh leafy greens will regulate your body hormonal levels and bring your sexual appetite back to speed!

High Alcoholic and Caffeinated Beverages

With the current high stress and on the run life style, alcohol and coffee have nearly become as necessary a drink as water. In some cases, there may be more of the above being consumed than actual water for hydration.

Alcohol and coffee are both extremely libido inhibiting in large quanities. While you will not see any effects at all in the immediate time, with large amounts of coffee and alcohol being drunk on a daily basis, the libido and ability to sustain an erection are both lost.

This is because both have opposite effects but similar results on sexual health and sex drive.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressive agent, also classed as CNS Depressant Substance. It reduces the power of firing of the nerve endings and thus slows down nervous response time. So continuous drinking of large amounts of alcohol leads to damage and dimming of the nervous system capabilities over time, thus reducing sensory input and output.

When this sensory enjoyment is reduced, libido and sexual desire are also affected.

Coffee is a stimulant and also has an underlying anxiousness inducing effect. One or two cups of coffee per day is alright. But if you drink more than three to four cups a day regularly, this can lead to heightened stress, anxiety and lowering of your libido.

De-stressing through practices such as yoga, proper hydration, plenty of sleep and the correct diet can fix any life style related sexual issues easily and increase your sex drive and libido!

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