Cause and Effect of Low Testosterone Levels

The older you grow, the more your Testosterone levels naturally go down. Its just how the body works, lowering down your metabolism and sex drive the more you grow old.

The way it goes is testosterone is produced at its highest levels with the most bizarre fluctuations when you are in your teens, between 13 to the early twenties. And then it stabilizes to a healthy high level.

In an average, well maintained man who does regular fitness maintenance and keeps himself healthy, this high testosterone level can be maintained well up to forty years of age or more!

This level, no matter how much a male maintains himself, will start dropping fast when he hits fifty. It can be slowed and the rate of the drop can be regulated but chances are it is going to go down at, at the very least, the rate of one to two percent a year in men above their thirties.

All that is how it goes naturally. But what do you do if your levels are very low or keep dropping even when you are within the proper high level age bracket? What could be some of the causes and what are all the harmful effects? Read on to know an accurate picture of your body and its testosterone levels!

Aside from the reproductive health, testosterone is also highly necessary for building up body muscles, and also to gain strength. It helps to strengthen and regulate the density of the person and also helps in faster fat burning in males.

With this sort of pervasive impact of testosterone in the human body, low levels of testosterone can significantly impact the overall quality of living of the male.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone

While self diagnosis is undoubtedly an absolute wrong action to take, knowing some idea of the common impacts observed in people suffering Low Testosterone can guide you into keeping a look ahead to a reduction in your testosterone levels.

The biggest problem found in men that are affected by a steep decline their body testosterone levels and production is affected sexual health.

Low Testosterone and Lower Sexual Health

Testosterone plays an incredibly significant part in gaining and maintaining erections and also in overall virility such as sperm health and quantity of sperm produced in every ejaculation.

So low testosterone men find a significant loss or impact in their ability to gain and sustain erections and are generally suffering from severe lowering of sexual interest and sexual performance.

Further, as sperm quantity and health is also affected, fertility problems may occur also in cases of chronically low testosterone production, even male infertility may occur.

Low Testosterone and Body Metabolism

Testosterone comes with an influence on the whole body metabolism. Whenever you have got low testosterone, you will notice yourself increasing in unwanted fat as a consequence of slowing of weight burning and fat is certainly not evenly distributed, ending in ‘flabbiness’.

Another consequence of low testosterone upon the physique is inability to put on good muscle tissue in addition to lack of strength of bones and muscles, resulting in frequent fatigue and weakness. Also, men with low testosterone levels may notice that the chest, particularly the male breast, tissues have become swollen and tender and aching.

While none among the symptoms mentioned above are conclusive in and of themselves, and may even be as a consequence of other conditions (say for example a thyroid problem), in case you show a couple of a given above, do test your testosterone levels to confirm they are exactly as they should be!

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