Asiatic Tong Kat Ali to boost your Sex Drive

Asiatic Tong Kat Ali, an herb that has a lot of hype and increased popularity in derivatives on natural remedies recently, can be to increase testosterone levels and enhance low sexual performance.

So why is this plant being called a magic cure for low testosterone? Is it really effective? And how exactly does it increase your libido? Read on to know the facts behind this great testosterone boosting herb!

Asiatic Tong Kat Ali, known scientifically as the E. longiafolia, is a flower producing common herb that occurs naturally in some parts of Malaysia and the islands of Indonesia, where it abundantly grows.

These leaves and herbs have been used for hundreds of years of cultural medicine in South Asia as potential therapeutic agents to promote libido in men.

Asiatic Tong Kat Ali is mainly a plant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This herb is responsible for all the problems of the sexual spectrum – aiding in maintaining an erection, boosting sexual stamina and performance, increasing libido and testosterone in males.

It has aphrodisiac properties that significantly improve the libido in men and is even better than Viagra, but all natural!

Studies show that the health and quality of sperm ejaculation is also enhanced by the regular consumption of this plant. Asiatic Tong Kat Ali as part of the daily diet in patients with low levels of testosterone helps to boost their testosterone production!

How The Asiatic Tong Kat Ali Works In Your Body

Through in-depth studies into Asiatic Tong Kat Ali as a potential therapeutic natural testosterone boosters, results have been proven to be very successful, especially in men with low testosterone and sexual stamina problems.

All studies show, regardless of age, race or sexual history of people, that in all men suffering from low testosterone production in the body, Asiatic Tong Kat Ali supplements in the daily diet significantly increases production of testosterone!

In normal people – that is, people in whom the production of testosterone levels are normal and no adjustments are really required, it was found that Asiatic Tong Kat Ali had no stimulating effect of testosterone whatsoever!

In these men, while the libido and sexual health showed some improvement, the actual testosterone in the blood more or less remained the same spectrum.

This means that not only is this herb a great testosterone booster, but it actually modulates testosterone to boost it according to the body’s needs – that is, it regulates the testosterone production cycles!

These results are very encouraging for the use of Asiatic Tong Kat Ali as an excellent dietary supplement to increase testosterone levels in men.

Not only will it thus be beneficial to boost testosterone, but due to its regulatory action and moderating influence on this hormonal cycle, it can be taken continuously throughout the life time to balance out your dietary requirements – as a great health enhancer and a continued balancer of testosterone production and libido enhancement for the body!

What Are The Key Elements of Asiatic Tong Kat Ali?

Asiatic Tong Kat Ali is rich in many nutrients and enzymes and also in various protein complexes. The active components of this great supplement promote regulation of testosterone production, and also influence other important hormones such as saponin steroids and camonones.

These two compounds can be found in abundance in Asiatic Tong Kat Ali to strengthen upstream processes and regulation of testosterone levels in men, which eliminates the condition of low testosterone and flagging erection in men.

Furthermore, Asiatic Tong Kat Ali also helps in maintaining the erection and increasing sexual desire due to its presence of aphrodisiac components within it – such as the 6- canthanin metabolites and other compounds of squalene aromatic groups, which are all great libido boosters!

The combination of all these metabolites and nutrients, not to mention its role of being one of the richest natural source of minerals and vitamins, this plant is a one-stop supplement that can boost your sex life, enhance your on health and optimize your sexual performance!

Relieve Stress and Stimulates Testosterone

Asiatic Tong Kat Ali is not only there to exercise its influence on the sexual health of the person. It also has an impact on other body systems that are affected by (or which in turn affect) sexual systems.

As such, it acts as a great stress reliever and anxiety buster. Stress is one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction and the inability to achieve an erection in males.

So this wonderful additive use of Asiatic Tong Kat Ali means not only does it promote libido by stimulating testosterone, but also by reducing anxiety and as a compound to increase the natural mood for sexual desire.

Another use of Asiatic Tong Kat Ali is aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of sperm in men.

Due to lack of libido, stress, anxiety, aging, or low testosterone levels, sperm quality and the number of viable sperm in the ejaculate are significantly reduced. This can even ultimately lead to infertility.

As such, Asiatic Tong Kat Ali can be used to treat such conditions. Studies have shown that in addition to increasing testosterone, Asiatic Tong Kat Ali also has a direct impact on the health of semen and sperm count in the ejaculate. Thanks to the many mechanisms of this herb, it can increases sperm motility and sperm viability.

Asiatic Tong Kat Ali thus not only regulates good health, but also has amazing effects in increasing testosterone levels and increasing libido in men!

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