All Natural Libido Increasing Vitamins and Minerals!

With the current hectic life style and inability to concentrate on personal health and food habits, many of us are on the verge of having various vitamin and mineral deficiencies without even realizing it.

A healthy diet is the most important thing to maintain a good hormonal system and to enjoy optimal sexual drive and health.

When your diet does not contain all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for sexual hormone production and regulation, the libido experienced takes a downward spiral, resulting in frustration and conflict in a relationship and lots of stress.

So here are some of the most important essential vitamins and minerals for promoting sexual hormonal health and to boost your libido, naturally!

By ensuring that these essential vitamins and minerals are a part of your daily diet, you will experience a world of difference in the quality of your sex life and arousal. Longevity in sustaining erections, higher libido, longer stamina, all depend on ensuring adequate consumption of these nutrient supplements!

To know how to increase libido, naturally, read on!

Vitamin A Is Important For Sexual Hormones

This vitamin regulates normal reproduction and sexual cycles in both men and females. It is also intricately linked in with sperm health, production of sperms and virile nature in males. Thus, Vitamin A overall is highly essential for boosting your sexual health naturally.

Some of the foods which are rich in Vitamin A are fresh fruits such as mango, water melons, grape fruits, nuts such as apricots and almonds, veggies like cabbage, greens, tomatoes and potatoes. Carrot, as we all know, is the most important of Vitamin A.

The Entire Vitamin B Complex is Essential For Increasing Testosterone Levels

The Vitamin B complex includes a huge array of vitamins – all the numbers from 1 through 6, and then a B12 vitamin.

The Vitamin B complex is the richest source for boosting testosterone levels in males, naturally! It contains stimulators for the androgen receptors of the brain, which in turn promote testosterone production in the body.

Of these seven different types of Vitamins in the B complex, some of the vitamins are particularly impactful in sexual health and increasing libido and testosterone levels. They are handpicked and discussed here for greater relevance.

First is Vitamin B3, which is extremely important for the energy cycle of the body, in particular for increasing intense energy burning, such as occurs during sexual acts. It also enhances the blood circulation and the flow of blood to genitalia, promoting a longer lasting and better quality of erection.

Vitamin B3 can be found in whole wheats, fish foods, tomatoes, special meats such as lean veals, nuts like ground nuts and in brown skinned rice.

Next essential Vitamin B is the B6 nutrient. It is highly essential for estrogen and testosterone regulation and increases production of red blood corpuscles, thus promoting better circulation. With impact also in promoting serotonin hormone – also known as the happy hormone – Vitamin B6 has an important impact on increasing libido naturally!

Vitamin B6 rich foods are baked sprouts, banana fruit, meat like pork, beefs, dairy products and fruits like cantaloupes.

The last important, but not the least, Vitamin B nutrient that impacts testosterone levels is Vitamin B12. This highly important vitamin has the property of promoting histamine production.

Production of histamine is extremely important for achieving a good sexual release and in the nervous system. Also, Vitamin B12 increases testosterone production and promotes sexual desire and drive.

Some food items which are rich in the B12 Vitamin are sea foods such as oyster meat, boiled clams, fish liver oils, tuna etc. and also in dairy products like cheese.

Vitamin C Promotes Fertility

Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis and production of hormonal cascades which are promoting sexual desire, high fertility and greater stamina in sex.

This Vitamin has a direct impact on the Androgen, Progesterone and Estrogen Cycles of the human body and also promotes mental health by acting in an anti oxidant and de stressing capacity.

Ensuring a good quantity of Vitamin C consumption in your daily diet also promotes immune health and prevents day to day infections and body health problems.

All citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges cantaloupe family, etc have a rich concentration of Vitamin C. Grape fruits also have Vitamin C, and are also low on sugar so they make the ideal diet foods as well!

Magnesium Is The Most Vital Mineral

Magnesium is necessary for replication and regulation of your DNA. With such an intrinsic role, it is no wonder Mg is one of the most essential minerals.

In Sexual health, magnesium promotes increase in libido and has similar action to aphrodisiacs. It increases the sex drive and boosts your body testosterone levels to allow for better erections and longer sexual endurance.

Many natural foods are rich in Magnesium. And this is a good thing, as magnesium being a mineral is not synthesized in our body and needs to be derived solely from body diet.

Almost everything we eat is a rich source of Mg. Rice, whole wheats, oats, dark cocoa all are excellent sources of magnesium. This is why chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac and happy food, it is rich in Mg.

Other foods which contain Mg are seeds such as Pumpkin seed, Soya beans, cashew nuts, almond nut and ground nut oil and sunflower oil.

Ensuring a healthy quantity of the above vitamins and minerals increases libido, naturally!

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